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Strength and conditioning support from the S&C Team.

Achieve your goals with the support of some of the industries best qualified and experienced coaches.


No MOVE HQ membership required  

Performance, testing and rehabilitation 

10 x 60 MIN SESSIONS  £450

3 x  60 MIN SESSIONS  £150

Small groups of up to 3 participants

5 X 60 MIN SESSIONS  £245


2 APPOINTMENTS - Consultation with one of our S&C coaches, Measurements or testing

& 60 min gym session with your S&C coach.


1 X 30 MIN SESSION  £20

5 x 30 MIN SESSIONS​ £90

Full athlete profiles available.

Speed, Power, Change of Direction (Agility), Joint Symmetry & Strength.

Individual or Team/Squad Testing available.

  • BROWER Speed Gates

  • VALD ForceDecks

  • VALD ForceFrame


Email us for enquiries at

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