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Unlock your potential with the support of our expert coaches. We offer training solutions for individuals, small groups, and full sports teams and squads. Our state-of-the art performance testing capabilities means your training is personalised, informed, and monitored all the way.  


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Work with one of our S&C coaches to get the very best from your training through a series of 60 minute sessions.


  • No membership required 

  • Tailored nutritional planning and exercise programme

  • Full access to the Move HQ Training App powered by Trainerize

How it works

  • Discuss your goals with our S&C coaches

  • We'll take into account your training history, lifestyle and any injuries

  • We'll develop a personalised programme to follow over an X week training block


This is the ultimate in personal training.



Get it done with your friends in our small group sessions, ideal for those who train together at a similar standard or fitness. Cost-effective coaching, with the added fitness motivation of training with friends.


  • No membership required 

  • Discuss your joint and individuals goals with our S&C coaches

How it works

  • We'll take into account your training history, lifestyle and any injuries

  • Train at a time which works for your group

  • Up to 3 per group


Personal training, but with friends.




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school testing 2.JPG


Our Strength & Conditioning team our well placed to develop all the physical attributes necessary for optimal performance in a wide range of sports.

Move HQ coaches all have strong academic backgrounds in Sports Science and S&C, countless coaching qualifications, responsibility for leading youth development programmes, experience in elite sport clubs and playing in high level sport themselves.

We support an array of local and regional sports teams and we also get visits from sports people and teams from overseas. We also deliver athletic development sessions and education/practical workshops for a large amount of local schools.

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Our suite of performance testing kit and screening modalities mean you can make informed decisions about your training and measure the progress that you make.

Testing a Screening technology from VALD Performance (Force Decks & Force Frame) and Gym Aware (Flex) produce a comprehensive profile for our clients and teams. Movement screens undertaken by our S&C team and postural assessments from our Chiropractic team provide additional valuable information about each individual we work with.

  • Power, speed & agility: Identify where you can improve or see what your training has done to promote improvements in this key physical attributes.

  • Strength Symmetry: Address imbalances and build foundations for efficient movement and successful outcomes.

Armed with this information we can target your training for maximum impact!

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